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Before booking

It is important to choose a makeup artist that has a style that has attracted you to them.

Each makeup artist has their own style and flare, we are not all the same.

This is why many makeup artists will ask you to bring inspiration photos of their own work to your appointment.

My personal style is glowing soft glam, with skin that looks like skin, beautifully blended out products with no harsh lines, and soft liners.

If you are looking for super full coverage, a cut crease, with glitter and matte lips, then you have landed on the wrong artist.

If my style is for you

Click on the book online button to see my availability and to go through the booking process. 

Booking fees are paid securely through my online booking system, to make the booking process seamless and easy.

You will need your physical card to pay your booking fee, its best to have it with you ready while making your appointment, if after 10 minutes you haven’t paid your booking fee, the appointment will be re-opened automatically for yourself to try again or another to book.

After booking your makeup appointment online and paying your booking fee, a confirmation text and email will be sent to you, my mobile number and address will be in your confirmation email.


If you cannot find your confirmation email, please contact me prior to the day of your appointment, during peak season I cannot get back to messages instantly.


Please check how long it will take you to arrive, it is always a good idea to check maps and traffic alert apps for accidents etc also.

If you arrive early -

Please wait in your car until your appointment time, unfortunately I do not have the luxury of a waiting room.

If your appointment is 1pm please knock on my door at 1pm, there is no need to text to let me know

If you arrive late -

I totally understand that life happens, but if you are 5 minutes or more late your appointment will be cancelled, and your booking fee kept as a no-show fee. I am extremely strict when it comes to this.


My studio space is strictly a 1:1 space and is not a suitable environment for children.

If you need to attend your appointment with a parent/ guardian due to your age (12 - 18 years) they are most welcome to come in with you.

How to be ready for your appointment

Please come to your makeup appointment in a low or open top, to ensure I can colour match you correctly.

please no t-shirts or jumpers.

Please refrain from having a lash lift prior to your appointment, false lashes cannot sit correctly if you've had one done in the last 6- 8 weeks. Lash extensions are completely fine.

It is also best not to do microblading before your makeup appointment, please do this 4 or more days prior. Makeup can become patchy and not stick correctly to freshly shaved/ waxed skin.

Please do not have your eyebrows waxed within 24 hours of your makeup appointment.

Please come to your appointment with a clean face and eyes, if i need to remove makeup it will cut into your appointment time.

If you are fake tanning, please ensure you have washed your tans bronzer off the day/ night prior to your appointment. it is also preferred that your face is not tanned, as this can make your makeup look "muddy" but dont worry, i will match your face to your tan.

Please bring with you -

Some inspiration photos of my work from Instagram, please none from Pinterest, as these are highly edited.


I love to see photos of what you are wearing to your event, it is a great idea to bring a photo of this also, you do not need to bring your outfit with you.

If you have a favourite lipstick/ lip gloss you would like to wear, please bring it with you.

It is a great idea to stay hydrated with water and eating well, particularly antioxidant foods, in the lead up to your makeup appointment.

A light lip exfoliation and hydration the night before is also a great idea for flawless lips.

Please do not wear oils or moisturizers on your face to your appointment, I will do all the prep work for your makeup here.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out, please keep in mind replies in peak season can be delayed.

Payment information

Cash and card payments are accepted at your appointment.

I do not accept upfront full payments.

Bank transfer is not offered and/ or available.

If you have paid your booking fee online or in studio, the remainder of your service fee is to be paid in studio at the time of your appointment by either cash or card.

All booking fees are non-refundable and/or transferable to another date.


As my studio space is in my home, you will be parking in a residential area, we are lucky that our street is wide and there is always plenty of street parking, i do prefer my clients to park on the street if possible.

Please be mindful of our neighbours driveways and bins on bin day.

If it is raining I will walk you out to your car with an umbrella to protect your makeup and hair.

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